Osteo-archaeology is the study of human and animal skeletal material recovered from archaeological sites. The analysis of skeletal remains can offer important details relating to the life and death of individuals and populations, their dietary behaviour and health. This enriches the corpus of information recovered from archaeological sites, helping to add ‘flesh’ to past communities and providing an insight into how past populations lived, the diseases they carried, what they ate and how they died.

We provide a range of osteological services for both human and animal skeletal remains. We can provide consultancy advice when skeletal remains are encountered and for their treatment and exhumation. We also provide excavation and recording services for the lifting of skeletal remains.

We offer osteological assessments and full osteological investigations including Palaeopathology. We can also facilitate Carbon/Nitrogen and Strontium/Oxygen Isotope Analysis. The latter used to inform on dietary practices and mobility of ancient populations.

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