We provide a wide range of archaeological and aerial (drone) mapping services across the United Kingdom. Whatever your requirements, we can help deliver your project.

Are you a developer (domestic or commercial) requiring professional archaeological advice and services? We can help reduce the risk to the development posed by archaeology.

Do you require a professional aerial survey? We are aerial survey specialists using drones (UAVs) to map, measure and record from the air. We are able to provide landscape surveys, topographical surveys, building surveys, monument surveys, condition surveys, volume analysis and many more. We are able to survey any size area, monument or building efficiently and produce centimetre accurate results. Our outputs include detailed 2D and 3D drawings and models in a variety of interactive and measurable formats.

Do you have a community project you need help getting started? We can help.

We provide the full range of archaeological services. These include:

  • consultancy,
  • archaeological ‘open area’ excavation,
  • post-excavation analysis and publication,
  • community archaeological projects,
  • watching briefs,
  • building surveys,
  • landscape surveys,
  • topographical surveys,
  • photogrammetry,
  • aerial UAV ‘drone’ surveys,
  • volumetric surveys (spoil mounds, stockpiles),
  • geophysical surveys,
  • archaeological research and interpretation,
  • 3D animated archaeological reconstructions,
  • archaeological desk-based and heritage impact assessments,
  • environmental impact assessments,
  • assessment of the Significance of the Impact of the Development on the Historic Landscape (ASIDOHL2),
  • significance statements,
  • conservation management plans,
  • written (historic environment) schemes of investigation,
  • and many more services.

Please get in touch with your requirements.

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